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Microsoft Release “Office for iPad”

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 8.42.33 PM

Microsoft have (finally) announced Microsoft Office for the iPad. Though you have been able to view Word, Excel and Powerpoint files before, now you can do it with the Applications you’re used to.

The Apps are free for Word, Excel and Powerpoint for you to view the files, but if you want to edit or create new one you need to be signed up to Office365, their Subscription based service that renews every year. (Currently around $119 per year).

For more information you can have a read here

To download the Apps directly you can reference them from the App Store here :-

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint


Don’t have Office365 yet? You can order it from me if you like. Just drop me an  email

Apple October Event Roundup

Well, after a great success of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s releases recently, Apple decided to follow this up with a quiet iMac update  a couple of weeks ago, which you can read about here and last night (for us in WA anyway) they updated a lot of other items as well.

You can read a lot more about it here – Apple Latest News or you can watch the Keynote event as well here –  Apple Special Event October 2013

But for a quick run down….

OS X Mavericks (Otherwise known as OS X 10.9) is available today, which can be downloaded for FREE from the Apple Mac Store. It will run on any Mac from 2007 onwards. (Ensure you have everything backed up, and have checked all your current software will run before upgrading of course).

Updated MacBook Pro Retina Displays, in both 13″ and 15″. Now all with Haswell updates, PCIe-based flash storage, 802.11ac WiFi and Thunderbolt 2. You can see more here – Apple MacBook Pro

More details on the new MacPro – now specs are released, pricing (Starting from $3999) and available this coming December. You can read more on this great “little” machine – Apple Mac Pro

Updates to iLife and iWork for iOS and OS X. Again, this can be upgraded from the Mac App Store. And now all free on new purchases of Mac’s and iOS devices.

And last but not last the new iPad – now called iPad Air in part to it’s thinner, lighter design. – iPad Air - now starting from $598 for the 16GB WiFi model - iPad Air Range

And to finish it off,….the iPad mini gains Retina Display. – iPad mini - starting from $479 for 16GB WiFi – iPad mini Retina Range

So all in all, a pretty good update of products I think. And a bit of a surprise with the reduced price of Mavericks to Free. And you can update from 10.6.8, so they’re certainly making it readily available to a lot of people a lot easier.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading.

Apple Roundup

Apple just finished off their Media event and there were quite a few updates.

They introduced the new iPad mini, which starts at $369. They come in Black or White, have a 7.9″ display and all the features we’re used to. For more info have a look here.

The iPad was also updated to iPad 4th Gen. Same pricing starting at $539. Gained the new Lightning connector (replacing the 30pin Dock Connector). You can read more about the iPad here.

Rumoured was the MacBook Pro 13″ Retina Display and sure enough, it showed up as well. Just like it’s larger brother the 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Display a nice piece of equipment. Two models starting from $1899. You can see all about it here.

And one of the “sneak in” surprises was the newly released iMac! With a major re-design and a very “slim down”, it’s had quite a change from what we’re used to. Some interesting new features as well. They pricing stays pretty much the same starting from $1429. You have to see it to believe it I think. Due to start shipping in November for the 21.5″ screen and December for the 27″ screen. Have a look here.

And not to be out done, the MacMini also saw an upgrade as well. Still starting from $699 as well. MacMini info here.

If you’re looking to upgrade or want more info (or even trade in), please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to source the equipment for you and offer a quote.

If you want to watch the actual Keynote you can watch the full stream here. It was actually streamed live for the first time in about 2 years, which was great!

Mountain Lion (10.8) Available today

After all the rumours, finally Mountain Lion (10.8), Apple’s latest OS release is available today. It adds over 200 new features and merges more of the great iOS features into the system. Things like Notification Centre, Notes, Reminders. iCal changes his name to Calendar and a lot more.

To see some (or all) of the features have a look here

And to download this well priced “upgrade” (Only AUD$20.99) simple have a look in the Mac App Store – or click here

As with any upgrade, always ensure to back up first before upgrading and check your Applications and Hardware are all going to be compatible! Or if you need help upgrading (or you don’t want to download the 4GB file yourself) please feel free to contact me to book a time and I’m happy to help you with it.

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Native Union “Play”


Want to leave a Message for someone before leaving the house? Now you can do it with Style! Have a look at the Native Union “Play”  -  a cool little device with a magnetic back that you can stick to most things (Fridge) and record up to 3minutes of video message.

Play has been designed and manufactured to the highest specification and includes a high quality video camera, a 2.4“ color screen, and a sophisticated 3 minute multiple message recording system. Messages are recorded with time and date.

Certainly beats leaving “Sticky Notes” on the fridge!

For more info have a look here - Sells for $99 and comes in a variety of colours!

Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) Now Shipping

Adobe have just recently released their latest version of Creative Suite, now at Version 6. With some power house features and building on the success of their recent versions. A lot of the features are now running 64bit standard which is great for Mac OX Lion (10.7.x) as it means a lot of speed and better processor for power.

For more information have a look at here. If you’re looking to purchase or want to upgrade, drop me an email! Apparently this will be the last product you can upgrade back as far as Adobe CS2 – so make sure you’re not left behind!

New Native Union Moshi Handsets

Just when you thought, what else can I add to my iPhone,..

Now available for pre order is the new range of Native Union Moshi, Moshi Solo and Moshi Pop Handsets as well as the new Bluetooth with iPhone Dock Handset.

Prices start at $49.

More info available here, or please feel free to contact us for info or orders.

Microsoft Office 2011 Released

Microsoft Office 2011 is now available for purchase. The long awaited upgrade finally hits the shelves. It’s available in 3 versions ranging in price from $239 through to $379.

The Home and Student version comes with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. And the Home and Business version has Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

For more information have a look here.