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Generally we’re pretty lucky with Apple products as we tend not be affected by viruses, but there are still things out there we need to be aware of. 

So I thought I’d add a bit of information here to help……

Be aware of scams!

Unfortunately although the internet is a great thing, it’s brought on an increase of Spam and Scams. So how can you ensure your protect yourself? If you receive an email or phone call from someone purporting to be from any organisation (be in Apple, Microsoft, ATO, Banks), never give out your personal details, or passwords. If you have to call them back (even to check), never use the details they give you. Always look up the real number for the organisation - white pages, google the real organisation to get their details. Then check if they did make a call to you. Be aware of pop-ups that advise you your computer is affected, or compromised and you need to call a given number they display. Or they advise you they need to create a remote log in session to help you and show you. Always ensure it’s someone you trust.

For some more helpful information have a look at the following links -


Apple Support Article 


 - Unfortunately with some things on the internet (or email, texts, phone calls) you have to treat them as “guilty until proven innocent”.

Never feel pressured to question things, after all it is your information! If you’re not sure, stop and look into it yourself.

Watch out for pop-up’s or “fake web-pages”

One thing that sometimes can be seen more often are “fake webpages” or pop-up’s when you’re surfing the internet to try and con you into believing your computer has a virus, you’re being hacked, or your information is being stolen while you’re online. Or a link that tells you that software you’re using is “Out of Date” and needs to be upgraded, just by clicking a link. These types of things are trying to either get you to install a form of Malware, or get you to call a number and then trick you into thinking they can help - or for a low cost fee,..or access to your computer. 

Generally this will only show up when you’re accessing webpages in Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or other web browsers. And it will pop up over a page you were on, or when you click a link and it takes you to “another” page. (It’s actually hijacked the link and takes you to a false page). It then advises you’re compromised and need to call a number, or that your software is out of date and to update it.

Some examples of these are as follows - 

If these sort of things do show up, just close the page (either with the red “close” dot or Command-W on the keyboard). Then quit out of the program you’re using and re-open it. Most of the time that will be enough to resolve it.

But if you’re still not 100% sure, you can download a program called MalwareBytes (if not already installed by me) to do a scan and check for you. You can download MalwareBytes from here. Or if you feel the issue is worse than you can call me and I can either help with it or call out to have a look at it. Apple will never have a pop up or get you to call a number like that. And as mentioned above, if you need to follow something up, always look up the number yourself.

In the case shown above where it says your Flash is out of date, you can always check it manually yourself.

For most Applications you run, you can find if there are updates for it (or it’s up to date), by doing the following - Either from the Help menu or the name of the program itself (just beside the Apple  menu) eg Firefox, MalwareBytes etc and then click on “Check for Updates”. It will then advise if there really is an update to do, or it’s already fine. In the case of Adobe Flash, you can go to System Preferences then Flash Player, click on “Updates” then click “Check Now”. It will then advise if it’s either up to date, or show the real download. Apple updates, will show up via the Software Update or one’s you’ve purchased through the App Store Updates.

Or if still not 100% leave it until next visit or email query and I can advise.

But as long as you close the page you’re on, or ignore those types of pop-up’s you’re generally going to be fine. As it won’t install anything or do anything without your input. 

One of those “if unsure, leave it” type things,……..



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