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May 2021

This month MacWizardry celebrates 20 years of operation. 

It was registered and started in May 2001 and now has been going strong for 20 years! 

Thank you to everyone for their support over this time. 

Here’s to the next 20 years!

Apple start shipping items from April event

After the release and update of a lot of new products last month (which you can read about here) we start to see them shipping this month onwards. Still waiting for rumours and updates for the “Pro range” such as the iMac 27” and the MacBook Pro 16”. But with plenty of new products coming through there are still lots of new things to play with and add to our wish list!

Apple release iOS14.5 with a lot of new features

One of the big updates talked about recently has been iOS14.5 (and iPadOS 14.5) with the new Privacy feature called “App Tracking Transparency”. What this means is that it lets you control which Apps are allowed to track your activity across other companies apps and website in relation to ads or sharing of your information with data brokers. So it gives you the control of whether you want it to do it or not. 

But also a lot of other features were added or updated as well.

You can read more about it the iOS14.5 update
here or about App Tracking Transparency here 

Also how to use and check this feature there are some quite good pieces of information here.

Be aware of “Fake webpages” advising you need to update.

So there is a bit of a rise on the number of webpages or fake links that will try to trick you into calling a number or clicking a link to “update” some piece of software.

I’ve written a page with a bit more info on it here

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