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March 2024

Welcome March! One of my favourite months of the year,…but that could be because it’s my birthday month.

And the weather hasn’t been overly hot which is also great!

Rumours are we may see some Apple hardware updates this month - so time will tell. And updates to operating systems, iPhone and iPad updates. So keep an eye out for those.

Apple is also a bit more in the news for various things and been taken to court (like normal at the moment unfortunately), so some of those things will be fairly interesting to watch. Though I don’t personally agree with some of the reasons “why” they have been.

I hope everyone has a good month!

Apple release iOS, iPadOS 17.4.1 and macOS Sonoma 14.4

Apple have released iOS and iPadOS 17.4.1 with new features and security fixes. So worth upgrading.

You can read more about it here.

And if you want to see some of the additional features added there is a good article here.

They’ve also updated macOS Sonoma to 14.4. But it’s had a few bugs and issues, so just be aware of that before upgrading. 

You can read more about it here and here.

Apple being sued in America for “having a monopoly with the iPhone”

The U.S Department of Justice is suing Apple for apparently having a monopoly in the smartphone market. 

You can read more about it here.

If they make a better product, market it well, and people buy it for its reputation I personally don’t see how that can be a monopoly. If you don’t like the iPhone you buy something else. But I guess we’ll see what happens with it.

How to be heard better on a Cellular phone call. Apple Ring Rumours

Have people ever complained they’ve had trouble hearing you on a phone call? Well here are a few things to check out that could help. Have a look here.

A few rumours have surfaced that Apple may be working on a wearable Ring. You can read some of the rumours here.

Apple Maps versus Google Maps

Ever wondered which is better? Apple Maps or Google Maps? A small article about some of the differences here

Like a lot of things, it can be subjective. I’ve used Apple Maps for many years to get me from job to job and it’s never let me know. 

So I’ve been pretty happy with it overall.  And some of the mis-pronunciations make a good laugh too.

Apple update the MacBook Air to M3 chip

Apple have just updated the MacBook Air 13” and 15” range to now include the M3 chip. They also dropped the M1 version completely now. But have kept a cheaper M2 version though. Other specs like RAM and storage are the same, and at the same price. 

The top model now has 16GB over the 8GB it used to come with - so works out a little cheaper.

You can read more about it here and here

YouPricing still starts from $1799 for the M3 entry 13” model and $2199 for the 15” model.

Another good article about the main differences between the M2 and M3 can be found here and here. For most people not a lot of differences really.

One other good feature to come out of it is external display support. Which is to be rolled out to the MacBook Pro 14” M3 as well. You can read about it here.

Unsure if 8GB of RAM is enough these days? There was an interesting article about that here.

Apple Car project scrapped.

Though we never saw anything appear, it’s been reported that Apple have cancelled the project after many years. A lot of problems, and apparently not working out to what they wanted it to do. It was rumoured Apple spent many billions of dollars on it.

And the “car team” have been moved off to other projects (quite a few to AI projects) or loss of jobs for some unfortunately.

You can read more about it here.

AirPod Pro Feature Guide. Movies coming to AppleTV+

If you own a set of the AirPod Pro’s and wondered about some of the new features. There’s quite a good guide that can be viewed here.

Wondering if there is anything good coming to AppleTV+ ? Have a look here for a run down on new things coming. Only for a limited time though!

Have you considered if your computer stops working or could be down for quite a while?

If your computer crashes or is down for a long period time, or even if it’s going to be away for service work for a while, have you considered the down time this could cause to yourself, your work and/or business?

There is a way that an external drive can be set up beforehand where in these sort of circumstances you can still be up and running relatively easy - even if your computer has to go away for days to be repaired.

It’s a relatively cheap and easy process. 

If you would like to find out more about how this can be set up for yourself or your business please feel free to drop me an email or call to discuss.

MacWizardry - Apple Consultant, Support & Help , Perth

Be aware of “Fake webpages” advising you need to update.

So there is a bit of a rise on the number of webpages or fake links that will try to trick you into calling a number or clicking a link to “update” some piece of software.

I’ve written a page with a bit more info on it here

MacWizardry - Apple Consultant, Support & Help , Perth

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