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November 2020

macOS 11 “Big Sur” released.

Apple have released their latest upgrade to the Mac Operating System (macOS), called “Big Sur”. It’s now macOS 11. 

With a lot of new features upfront and behind the scenes it’s a fairly big upgrade. A re-defined new look, Control Centre added/changed, all new Safari, Upgraded Messages App, Re-defined Apple Maps and more,…..

You can read more about it here

As with any major upgrade like before installing it, it always pay to check that all the Applications you use and external devices such as printers, scanners etc will all work with the new Operating System. And always do a backup before upgrading. If unsure, it always pays to hold off for a few “updates” and for it to be out a bit longer until more people have used it, just so you can be sure everything you use will work.

Apple One now Available

The Apple One service, has now gone live. If you pay for Apple Music, extra storage space, AppleTV+ then it may be worth looking at AppleOne where these things are in one simple fee (and can save you money. So worth a look!

You can read more about it here

They have three tiers as below - 

Individual for $19.95 per month (Saving $9.50 per month)

Family for $25.95 per month (Saving $12.50 per month. Can share with up to 5 other people)

Premier for $39.95 per month. (Saving $39 per month. Can share with up to 5 other people)

You can try it for free. More information here

Apple event “One more thing.” - the first M1 Mac’s released

For the third month in a row, there was another Apple event. We saw the first Apple Silicon Mac’s released, in the form of the new M1 MacBook Air 13”, M1 MacBook Pro 13” and the M1 Mac mini. 

You can read about the new models here -

MacBook Air

MacBook Pro 13”

Mac mini

Each model comes with the Apple M1 chip with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU  (7-Core GPU on the MacBook Air 13” entry level model) and 16-core Neural Engine. All this makes them very fast!

What is Apple Silicon, and what does it mean? For more information have a read here.

Jess’s website is now live….

Though not exactly “Apple news”, but it was designed on a Mac - Jess’s new business website is now live. So if you want a pet portrait done, or know someone who might be interested please have a look at her site or feel free to pass it on to people!

You can see it here.

Be aware of “Fake webpages” advising you need to update.

So there is a bit of a rise on the number of webpages or fake links that will try to trick you into calling a number or clicking a link to “update” some piece of software.

I’ve written a page with a bit more info on it here

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